Rubs & Seasonings

We select only the finest all natural ingredients to put into our hand crafted small batch rubs and seasonings. This enables us to be nimble with the ever changing global supply. We do not hesitate to return anything that is not up to the highest of standards. We grind our spices right before mixing and packaging because essential oils, the substance that gives spices their flavor and complexity, dissipates more rapidly after the spice has been ground. We indicate a shorter shelf life on our bottle than necessary because we want you to enjoy these rubs and seasoning during peak freshness – in reality they will hold for at least 2 years with the exception of our Black n’ Bluesy. Our Chefs know you will appreciate their commitment to excellence with every bite you take!

Low Sodium – No fillers – No Anti-Caking Agents –No or Low Sugar – No MSG – Gluten Free – Tasty