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Legion of Spice is fully committed to giving 10% of our profits to help the hungry. We feel very strongly that a company can be profitable as well as socially responsible. We believe that if we are in a position to help people, it is our moral duty to do so! These principles have led us from day one to integrate a strategy of donating to the less fortunate, primarily food related charities.

We have a strong background in philanthropy, so we understand that throwing funds at a cause without proper strategy, implementation, follow up or leadership can be futile at best. Jeff was in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua before starting this endeavor, and Sean has been around the world of international charity helping underprivileged children in Peru.

The Philanthropy aspect of our business is evolving daily as is the rest of our company. Right now we are working with a local anti-food waste company called Just Ripe whose mission is to reduce food waste and increase the available healthy food options for the lesser served communities in the Bay Area.

We are constantly looking for new partners to help with our mission so PLEASE contact us if you have any ideas and would like to get involved. Eventually we will branch out our philanthropy tentacles nationally and internationally as our company grows and subsequently as our available charitable funds grow. Ultimately we would like to operate our own charity division so that we can manage and dictate exactly where the funds go.

Thank you so much for supporting our cause! Your purchase will flavor the world!

Jeff & Sean


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