About Us

We are 2 tasty treat lovin’ dudes that thought flavor was missing in life and in our food. We are Jeff Anderlite and Sean Kolina – Founders of Legion of Spice.

We saw too many shelves stocked with unhealthy, salt first seasoning, and thought “with all the emphasis on healthy living these days, why are the majority of rubs and seasonings offered filled with dog sh!t”? Conversely – the healthy offerings we did find were either boring or outrageously overpriced. We pride ourselves on eating wholesome meals that do not make you feel terrible afterwards. We acted and started Legion of Spice to bring healthy, unique, high quality flavors to the masses.

The opportunity to become world class spice merchants was too good to pass up. We worked tirelessly in our home kitchen then in our state of the art, world-class spice lair to concoct the best, most potent blends on the market. We are completely confident that you will agree!

Our Legion has and always will be entirely dedicated to creating the pinnacle of taste at a reasonable cost. As well as giving back to the community. Since day 1 we have made it a point to include philanthropy as part of our business model.

We give back 10% of our profits to food related charities or projects that uphold our mission to help feed the hungry.

Yours in Fellowship,

Jeff Anderlite & Sean Kolina


To source the best ingredients and to develop and deliver the best rubs and seasonings on earth. While also donating 10% of all our profits towards food related charities. We want to ensure the absolute pinnacle of customer satisfaction and service!


To make the world more flavorful with every product we sell, and every person we help.