Legion of Chefs

Hello Legion of Chefs! This is a call to action for all you foodies, chefs and home cooks out there to share the delicious treats you’ve been whipping up in the kitchen. Every week, we’ll be giving out prizes (rubs and other goodies) to the person that tagged us with the best photo and caption. We will also be giving away a larger prize at the beginning of every month to the person that submits the best recipe with photo and cooking instructions using one of our products. We want the Legion of Chefs to become a movement and to generate content that will be useful and flavorful for us all. How could you pass on this simple and rewarding opportunity?!

Directions on how to enter:

1) Post a photo on your social media accounts showcasing your meal – preferably with our spices!

2) Tag us @legionofspice & use #legionofchefs

3) On Wednesday of each week, we’ll announce the winner and repost your picture across our social media outlets to give you glory

We’re looking forward to building our Legion of Spice brand with you at the forefront.