History of Spice

Imagine a world with no spices? There would be no Vanilla Ice-cream, no decent Mexican, Indian or Moroccan dish. There might be countless more people on this earth however, due to the absence of the many wars that were fought in the quest for Spices. Spices are more intertwined with the development of our modern society than most people can comprehend. So many events in our relevant history have been shaped in one way or another by spices, their trade, their wars, and their expeditions – Hell, our own damn country was re-discovered because of Columbus’ quest for these indispensable spices. Here is a simple timeline for your learning pleasure.

3000 BC to 200 BC

Arabs traded spices and herbs among early civilizations.

2000 BC

Cassia and Cinnamon were imported to Egypt from China and SE Asia for the embalming process.

1500 BC

1n 1874 a German Egyptologist, George Ebers, discovered a document dated about 1550 BC now known as the Ebers Papyrus. It was an extensive source of information for surgery and internal medicine with a list of 800 medicinal spices. Arabia had a near monopoly at this time for carrying goods from the East to the West.

1000 BC

The Arabs continued their dominance and would deliberately conceal the origins of their product to create mystery. They would pretend cinnamon would come from Africa to throw off any potential threats to their business interests.

300 BC

Alexander the Great created Greek settlements and commercial posts between the Mediterranean and India along the western section of the trade route that was to become the Silk Road. Alexandria became a gateway to the east and a meeting place for commercial travelers from 3 continents.

200 BC to 1200

The Romans control the trade. They were the 1990 Walmart version of the lower cost spice trade.

1200 to 1500

Europeans explore passages to the East Indies. AMERICA FU@K YEA! Thanks Chris C!

The 17th to the 20th Century

Americans enter the spice trade and economies of scale really start to grab hold of the market. Globalization makes spices from all over the world available at reasonable prices to everyone.

Modern Day

Spices are available – some of higher quality than others. We buy only the freshest herbs and spices with the highest essential oil content to ensure our products are of the highest standard for flavor and excellence! Legion of Spice wants to bring the future of spices back to when only the best could survive trips around the world.