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Rotelle Pasta with Black n’ Bluesy

By May 11, 2016blog

Ingredients :

Black & Bluesy
Lb. of top sirloin
Slice tomatoes 2 or 3 Roma tomatoes
Slice red onion 1
Chopped cilantro


– Cut meat in cubes
– Put them in a Pyrex & sprinkle 1-1.5 table spoons of Black n’ Bluesy
– add virgin olive oil and you could add some crushed garlic if you wish (optional).
– Let it sit for a few minutes.

– Cook pasta uncovered, stirring occasionally
– Drain well
– Pour cook pasta in a Pyrex
– Sauté meat until brown. Add slice tomatoes, onions, wait a couple of minutes and add cilantro. Stir to mix ingredients
– Pour on top of pasta

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